the 2018 TACO MENU

Featuring Chef John Simmons

Pulpo Taco

Grilled octopus w/ romesco, ipa pickled red onion, and beer batter fried cilantro.

Beer Barbacoa

Stout-braised beef barbacoa w/ pickled watermelon radish, grilled scallion, and cilantro.

Featuring Chef Bryan Forgione

The Smokin Shorty

Smoked Beer Basted Short Rib w/ Chili-Ale Hottish Sauce, and Poblano Crema.

Booty Cakes

BBQ Pork Butt w/ Chipotle Slaw, Roasted Corn Relish, on a Johnny Cake Taco.

Featuring Chef John Simmons

I Can’t Believe It’s Chorizo

Crunchy Chorizo-Spiced Cauliflower w/ roasted carrot hummus, smoked yogurt, crunchy chickpeas, harissa and cilantro on a chickpea flour tortilla.

Beer Barbacoa

IPA pickled red onions w/ cilantro, cilantro-lime crema and tequila barrel aged fermented hot sauce.

Featuring Chef James Trees

Caught by the hair of my chinny chin chin.

Beer Braised Goat Tacos Guisado Style w/ Chili Pickled Onions, Cotija Cheese and Ranch Flavored CornNutz.

Featuring Chef Josh Clark

Le Cubano Doblada

Chile Beer infused Pate de Campagne w/ Ham & Pickle Pico, Gruyere, French Beer Mustard, and Crispy Shell.

Like Chowduh

Crispy Potato w/ Bubble and Squeak, Chopped Clams, Tiny Veg, Green Chile Crema, and Tabasco Powder.

Featuring Chef Erik Hobbie


Dubbel Infused Marscapone w/ Chopped Figs and Cinnamon Agrodulce on a Waffle Taco.


Killa 3 Day Porkbelly w/ House Pickled Cucumbers, Arugula, Caper Aioli on a Garlic Tortilla.


Parm Frico Shell w/ Romain Lettuce, Fried Capers & Housemade Lemon Caesar Dressing Topped with Boquerones.

Featuring Chef Hemant Kishore

Macha, Tacos Undo? (Bro, Got Tacos?)

Malabar Parotta w/ Kerala Fried Chicken, Curried Ginger Aioli, Kingfisher Pickled Fennel on a Masala Podi.

Taco Suzette

Caramelized Banana w/ Toasted Coconut, Jaggery & Ghee ‘Suzette’ on a Crispy Wonton.

Featuring Chef Will Staten

Cajun Deep Fried Rib Taco

Triple Cajun Seasoned Deep Fried Rib w/ Blackberry BBQ Sauce, Vinegar Slaw, Garlic, and Lemon Chow-Chow.

Sin City Bananas Foster

Coconut Citrus Rum Sauce w/ Caramel Drizzle, Salted Peanut Crumble Nutmeg, and Cinnamon Whipped Cream.

Featuring Chef Jainine Jaffer

Mediterranean Muse

Non-alcoholic Beer Braised Shawarma w/ Pickled Onion & Jalepeno, and a Toum (Garlic Sauce).

Curry Queen

Curry Cauliflower Taco w/ Crispy Chickpeas & Achari Slaw (VEGAN!).

Featuring Chef Bubba Grayer

Salty Doggo

House-salted cod w/ ackee, omnipollo, and pleroma-infused slaw.

Smoke Bomb!

Oxtail braised in Prairie Bomb! Spicy Imperial Stout smoked w/ applewood, pickled cauliflower, and cilantro sauce.

Featuring Chef Kevin Lopez & Chef Chris Bulen

Flying South For The Summer

Ale infused duck confit machaca w/ foie gras, pickled Fresno chili, cilantro, espelette creme fraiche.

Su Nombre Es Paco Mounds

Fried Pie Bread w/ Spiced Pineapple, Coconut Marscapone, and Tamarind-Chocolate Ganache.

Featuring Chefs Carol Garcia & Carlos Buscaglia


Spicy Tecate diablo braised goat leg w/ fresh onions and micro cilantro on a corn tortilla.

Her Lengua Picosa

Sierra Nevada Otra Vez pickled beef tongue w/ jicama slaw served with an Ube handmade corn tortilla.

Bittersweet Chocolate Choco Taco

Fried corn shell brushed with dark Hexx chocolate w/ corn flan filling, fresh mango strawberries, and redkorderlig strawberry lime cider.

the 2018 WINNERS

Hopped Taco WinnerChef John Simmons

4 B’s

Stout-braised beef barbacoa w/pickled watermelon radish, grilled scallion, and cilantro.

Taco Loco WinnerChef Josh Clark

Like Chowduh

Crispy potato w/bubble and squeak, chopped clams, tiny veg, green chile crema, tabasco powder.

Taco Dulce WinnerChef Kevin Lopez & Chef Chris Bulen

Su Nombre Es Paco Mounds

Fried Pie Bread w/ Spiced Pineapple, Coconut Marscapone, and Tamarind-Chocolate Ganache.