The Tacos | Hopped Taco Throwdown | June 23, 2018


Hopped Taco Throwdown gathers the best and most innovative chefs from all of Las Vegas who normally don’t create tacos to step out of their comfort zones for one goal: to create a few dozen eccentric tacos and earn the title of Hopped Taco Champion.

Chefs will compete in three categories:

Hopped Taco – best beer-infused taco

Taco Loco – most creative taco

Taco Dulce – best sweet/dessert taco


the 2017 WINNERS

Taco Dolce WinnerChef Geno Bernardo

Taco Dolce

Pizzelle, Philly Cheese Cake, Oculto & Strawberry Granita

Taco Loco WinnerChef Jamie Tran

Taco De La Chinois

Tuna and Salmon Tartare Taco with Micro Cilantro, Spicy Jalapenño Sauce, Tobiko, on a Crispy Salmon Skin Shell.

Hopped Taco WinnerChef Sterling Buckley

Beer Belly

Beer Braised Pork Belly, Drunk Pickles & Magic