Salted Caramel Rauchbier
Smoked Beer (6.0% ABV)
Citra Rye
Pale Ale (5.4% ABV)
Hardway IPA
American IPA (6.9% ABV)
Spring Fest
Blonde Ale w/ Orange Peel & Coriander (5.6% ABV)
Brewcasso’s Self Esteam
California Common (5.5% ABV)
Saison du Trip
Saison (5.0% ABV)
Royal Red Ale
American Red (5.5% ABV)
Scenic Mas Cerveza Por Favor
Mexican Style Lager (6.0% ABV)
Scenic Blackberry Wheat
Wheat Beer (5.1% ABV)
Brooklyn Bel Air Sour
Kettle Sour (5.8% ABV)
Brooklyn Brown Ale
Brown Ale (5.6% ABV)
Molten Silver
Ghost Pepper IPA (7.0% ABV)
Frail Sister
Pilsner (4.8% ABV)
IPA (7.0% ABV)
Marlette Red
Amber (6.0% ABV)
Big Dog’s Underbite IPA
IPA (8.7% ABV)
Big Dog’s Cucumber Lime Lager
Lager (5.0% ABV)
Silver State
Blonde (4.8% ABV)
Gose (4.2% ABV)
Juicy Hazy IPA
IPA – Session/India Session Ale (4.0% ABV)
Hop Rising
IPA – Imperial/Double (9.0% ABV)
Soops Joos Hazy IPA
IPA – New England (7.0% ABV)
Apricot Hefewiezen
Hefeweizen (4.0% ABV)
Ghostrider IPA
IPA – White (6.0% ABV)
Dale’s Pale Ale
Pale Ale – American (6.5% ABV)
Can-O-Bliss Hazy IPA
IPA – New England (7.2% ABV)
G’Knight Imp Red IPA
IPA – Red (9.2% ABV)
Guns ‘n’ Rosé
Fruit Beer (6.0% ABV)
Wild Basin Classic Lime
Hard Seltzer (5.0% ABV)
Trestles IPA
IPA – American (6.8% ABV)
Hop Juice
IPA – Triple (10.0% ABV)
Belgian Tripel (11.8% ABV)
Red Tide
Red Ale – American Amber/Red (7.1% ABV)
Cali’ Creamin’
Cream Ale (5.0% ABV)
Kismet IPA
IPA – American (7.2% ABV)
Call Me Ginger
Blonde Ale (4.8% ABV)
Sin-Tax Imperial Peanut Butter Stout
Stout – American Imperial/Double (8.1% ABV)
Hoppy Pils
Pilsner (5.6% ABV)
Hefeweizen  (5.0% ABV)
9th Island Pina Colada Sour
Sour Beer (6.0% ABV)
State of Mind
Brass Jar
Amber (8.0% ABV)
West Coast IPA
IPA (6.8%)
Hazy Little Thing
IPA (6.8% ABV)
Sierra Vez
Mexican Style Lager (5.0%)
Pilsner (5.4% ABV)
El Charro Mexican Style Lager
Lager – North American Adjunct (4.9% ABV)
Dry Cider
Cider (6.5% ABV)
Semi-Sweet Cider
Cider (6.5%)
Hazy IPA
IPA – New England (6.2% ABV)
Mexican Lager
Lager – North American Adjunct (4.0% ABV)
Buenos Tiempos
Lager – Pale (4.8% ABV)
Mexican Chocolate Peanut Butter Stout
Stout – Milk/Sweet (7.5% ABV)