The Motley Brews Experience

Not Your Ordinary Beer Festivals.

Motley Brews festivals set themselves apart by the experience.  We’re constantly imagining new ways for guests to enjoy and perceive the art of beer tasting and have a lot of fun while doing it.

A high-end pretzel jewelry store with exotic necklaces and earrings.  A silent disco that happens inside a gigantic mash tun cutout. A suckling pig infused with a 10-year old bourbon barrel aged stout.  These are just some of things that make a beer festival Motley.

Community on Stage.

Our events are always locally centered.  Whether it’s Heart and Trotter demonstrating how to enjoy a whole pig, Javier Plascencia sampling Chocolata clams or Pizza Port bringing out the latest one-off creation, we always make sure the local community stands tall.

Guests Make Our Fests.

Our events would be nothing without you, the attendees.  Whether you volunteer to pour, setup or just come to help cook in a chef demo, our Motley fans always have a hand in shaping the flavor of our festival experiences.